[Blog] Wake Up Call.

Reposted with permission from Ms. Arianne Betita, associate producer for television. This blog was written in April 2014.

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This May 11, we will be celebrating our 7th year together.

It’s been a love-hate relationship since 2007. I have many flaws and I may have been a very stubborn partner who threatened to leave every now and then… But I’m still here. And I can say that I loved passionately and I was completely dedicated to him.

I sacrificed a lot. I gave up time with family and friends because I wanted to prioritize my “love”. I missed weddings, baptisms, celebratory lunches and dinners and other important events because he needed me. I tried my best to always be there for him. Even if it meant I wouldn’t be there for other people who were important to me as well.

There were times when I had to risk my life too. I crossed crocodile infested rivers… Went shark hunting with fishermen… Trekked in a malaria-stricken town without taking vaccines or precautionary medicine… Marched in forests where armed rebels were rumored to be hiding… Hiked in really dangerous trails and mountains… Waded through chest high floods while covering calamities in the name of public service… And I willingly went through all those things because he needed me to do them.

I was deprived of sleep and was subjected to unhealthy eating habits (due to extremely tight and crazy schedules) but I endured it all for him. After all, he said that we shared the same heart. I knew it was a contractual kind of love, and yes, it was my choice to settle for something like that. But that’s because I trusted him. I felt like we always had each other’s backs.

There were times when he was a good partner too. He helped me travel all over the Philippines (even made me travel to Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in one day!). He brought me to Thailand and Indonesia, and sometimes, he helps my colleagues fly to Europe, US and other countries too. He helped me meet all kinds of people and he’s allowed me to experience great things that would make really cool stories for my kids and grand kids.

We’ve had our share of happy moments. In our 7 years together, we’ve witnessed a lot of international achievements that I and my colleagues have helped him earn. I can see how proud he was of those achievements. Whenever my colleagues won something, he was quick to make plugs about it and broadcast it in all possible channels. It was fulfilling to see him happy. And I’ve always thought we achieved those things together. We made a great team.

Right now, I’m faced with some serious issues that I need to deal with. A past mistake (which is not completely mine) is out to haunt me. And it’s haunting all my other colleagues as well.

And when I turned to him for help… he told me that we were not in a relationship. That all this time, we weren’t really together. He reminded me of our contract and told me he can’t help me because the relationship that I’ve clung onto for 7 years was just a farce. He told me that if I don’t get myself out of the mess I’m in, he won’t be liable for me and that he can get rid of me anytime he wants.

I’d like to think I was a good partner and that the achievements he boasts of and takes full credit for were achieved through my colleagues’ hard work and creativity. Without us, he wouldn’t have gotten to where he is now. It’s unfair for him to claim our victories as his own when he treats us like dispensable objects during trying times. I can’t believe this is what we get in return for our loyalty and diligence.

It’s disappointing to realize that when push comes to shove, he will not stand by me. He will not stand by us. All those life-risking moments… All those sacrifices… meant absolutely nothing.

I am on my own here. We are all on our own here.


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