[Facebook Post] MAGBA-BACK OUT NA AKO.

Reposted  with permission from a Facebook post of Mr. Jayson Bernard Santos, executive producer for television. 

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Seven years. I’ve been rushing, hunting, meeting people, digging up facts. Cooking a story. Seven years of writing surrounded by people. By crowd. Always on deadline. Always hurrying. Exciting and fun seven years. But come the last day of this year, December 31, those seven years of experience will be gone to nothing. I’ll become a stranger to my comfort zone of seven years. Just one of the crowd.

As a journalist, I write to connect you to the larger world. This time, I write so that the world will finally know what’s going on backstage. Some things are just so wrong.

As I am one of those who are standing against the current system, expect me to be jobless by end of the year. No benefits. No separation pay. Just goodbye. And hope that we will succeed in our battle for fairness.

How about the bills? I need my job back. But seven years of labor also taught me about social responsibility. Fighting for what is right. Even if I am the only one standing. Aanhin ang kakayahan, kung ikaw lang ang makikinabang?

I am not signing. Because that would mean that I will be working for money. I am not paid for labor. I earn because of my vision. And passion.

I am not signing. Because I am ready to march forward into the future. I know it will work. But only if you don’t get stuck too long in one place.

No burning of bridges. Thank you. Magbaback out ako, kung kikilalanin ang karapatan at dignidad ng mga manggagawa. Kaya ang sagot kung pipirma ako sa kasalukuyang project employment contract at uurong sa kaso: NO.

My resume’s ready anytime, folks. First come, first served. May libre pang beer.


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