[News] Are The TV Giants Committing Unfair Labor Practice?

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Are The TV Giants Committing Unfair Labor Practice?

A shocking revelation behind the prestige of TV networks.
posted on: Saturday, November 15, 2014
Christian Ceniza
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Buhay Media is a Facebook page dedicated to sharing the stories of ‘talents’ – employees who work behind the camera that are not regular.

buhay media

Talents therefore, don’t receive benefits. These talents include executive producers, associate producers, segment producers, writers, researchers, edit supervisors, production coordinators, transcribers, and among others.

Chloe Garcera-Ben is one of them. She worked for GMA 7’s Imbestigador for 12 years.

gma7 talent

Her contract ended last month but she will not get any compensation. She was a talent and never considered a regular employee despite working there for more than a decade.

Another story is from James Arce. He’s a resident cameraman of Imbestigador.

buhay media

Unlike other video journalists who are already regular employees, Arce is still a talent despite working there for 10 years. His contract has been preterminated to December and will leave the company without any retirement benefits.

buhay media

In a report posted by Manila Today, the Talents Association of GMA (TAG) has filed a case on regularization against GMA 7 in the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC).

According to Bowe Cabaluna, president of TAG, they want to change the talent system being practiced not only by GMA 7 but also by the other two biggest media conglomerates, ABS-CBN and TV5.

Meanwhile, according to GMA 7’s legal counsel, Atty. Regino Moreno:

“We have provided them with all the benefits due them under the contract, so there is no such thing as unfair labor practice. That is a generalization, and we know for a fact that that is a baseless allegation.”

What do you think? Are the TV Giants really undercompensating the workers behind the camera?


View the original post here: http://tenminutes.ph/are-the-tv-giants-committing-unfair-labor-practice/


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