[Facebook Post] Confessions of a coffee cup

On October 31, a number of ABS-CBN talents (called “consultants”) left the company (and more to resign later this year) after refusing to comply with a new BIR policy requiring self-employed individuals to issue receipts and pay additional taxes—the same policy that led to the recent labor case against GMA Network by more than 100 talents (Read more: http://wp.me/p5iBFW-O). One of the ABS-CBN consultants who resigned is Argie Aguja, former news desk archive specialist who has been with the company for almost seven years. Here is his essay, reposted with permission from his Facebook account. This was written five days before he left ABS-CBN.

DISCLAIMER: Buhay Media is maintained by the Talents Association of GMA Network (TAG), but the stories published here do not necessarily reflect the views and experiences of all TAG members or the media industry as a whole.

For weeks now I have been waiting for you. Yes, you. I have spent ages thinking about when you would pay me a visit. You have dated all of the other cups in this lonely cupboard. All of them you have spent time with. All but me.

Alas, the time came when out of all the cups, you chose me. Not the raging red, loud blue or the flirty yellow. But it was me, a simple, small, and petit brown cup.

At long last, I have this chance to show you what I can do. Show you my worth; show you the things only I could do for you. I would do everything to convince you so that you would not regret choosing me. I wouldn’t want to disappoint you, not you. Not my master, not the one who owns my very being. I may only be a tool for you, but I promise to be forever in your service.

I sat nervously in that plain table, beside your books, pieces of torn paper and a half lit cigarette. You must be really tired, all this hard work and sleepless nights must be taking a toll. I imagined you needed the caffeine to keep you going. A sweet and creamy concoction would be nice but I remembered that you never really liked sugar. It was always strong, aromatic and plain, pure black coffee for you. I watched in envy when you held other cups before. Now it’s my chance to have a moment with you.

The timing is was right, the coffee maker was set, water was boiling and ground beans were waiting to be bathed in scalding liquid. The timer was up. It is down to seconds now and like any loyal retainer, I awaited that moment to serve you. The way you held my little arm was pure bliss. Never have I felt so much joy. Then, ouch! You transferred all that liquid caffeine into me.

I admit, the searing pain of hot liquid pouring inside was more than enough to make me cry. But I held back my tears, remained brave and strong. I must endure this. After a few seconds, (which felt like an eternity) I was filled to the brim, I am proud. I am full, ready to offer you everything I can give.

You grabbed me with force, hurriedly placing me within reach of your nose and mouth, gently breathing in the aromatic scent I give. As the distance between us quickly disappeared, I held my breath waiting for that moment when my ceramic rim touches your red skin. Instantly, I felt that tingling sensation only your sweet soft lips can give. Like a hungry animal you devoured my contents. It was over, and you went back to work without even glancing at me.

It’s then I that I realized. It was the coffee you’re in love with, not me. I grew cold the moment I was empty.


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Featured Image by studio tdes (http://www.thedailyenglishshow.com/) | CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en)


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