[Opinion] TV networks, unfazed by labor disputes

Reposted from Journal Online


  • December 3, 2014
  • Written by Joey Aquino

THERE are reported labor issues both in GMA and TV5.

Over GMA, concerned talents mostly from the news and public affairs department are up in arms against the network on the issue of contractualization. Accordingly, they demand for employment security and benefits. As for TV5, it is the employees’ union that takes the cudgels for its regular employees. In fact, there is an open letter addressed to TV5 Big Boss Manny V. Pangilinan that is circulating in social media. Whatever their issues, those are internal matters that need to be resolved by the concerned parties.

As an employer myself, I have my own reservations on labor concerns. But what I highly prioritize are the benefits due to employees; primarily those concerning their health and safety. They are not called human resources for nothing. And this caught my attention on one accident that involved one of our manpower agency’s factory workers named Jacob Aguilar. His index finger was accidentally cut by the machine he was operating on September 26, 2014.

Such accident was immediately reported to Consumer Care Insurance Group (CCIG), an affiliate of Prudential Life that covers the insurance policy of our employees. All the documents were all submitted on October 10, 2014 for evaluation. Then, we made a follow-up last October 16; but to no avail. Instead, the CCIG allegedly told our office that it would take another two weeks for Prudential Life to evaluate the claim. As per their claim, two weeks for evaluation on major claim. But ours is not even a major claim. In other words, we get the run-arounds on this case. It seems that CCIG is passing the responsibility and fault to Prudential Life.

This case reminds me of same incident in 2010. The same happened to the claimant: he was given hard time in claiming his insurance benefit. Dahil  dito inakyatniya ang kanyang kaso sa Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) para sa kaukulang aksyon. Surprisingly, he got his insurance claim in no time.

Is Prudential Life aware the way its subsidiaries like Consumer Care Insurance Group treat their policy holders? Just asking…


View the original article here: http://www.journal.com.ph/entertainment/showbiz/liza-is-enrique-s-lucky-charm


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