Support TAG’s LABOR OF LOVE: Art Fair & Quiz Night on May 2

LABOR of LOVE_Cover Photo

LABOR OF LOVE: Art Fair and Quiz Night
TAG’s 1st Anniversary Celebration

Creative professionals like media practitioners, artists and musicians give life and move society forward, but their labor rights often go unrecognized. Through ‘LABOR OF LOVE’, one night of arts, music and fun, artists and art lovers are invited to come together to celebrate creativity, Labor Day, and workers’ rights.

The Talents’ Association of GMA Network (TAG), in collaboration with The Concerned Artists of the Philippines, will hold an art fair and quiz night on May 2, 2015, Saturday at Tomato Kick, Tomas Morato.

Tomato Kick Morato, 3F Po’s Building,
Scout Madriñan corner Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Line-up of Activities
5pm Registration
6pm Opening of Art Exhibit
8pm Quiz Night

Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP)
Leeroy New
Mideo Cruz
Heber Bartolome
Ode Pacheco
Alora Grace Bartonico
Iya Regalario
UP Artists’ Circle Sorority

About Talents’ Association of GMA (TAG)
The Talents’ Association of GMA or TAG’s battle for fairness and social justice began last year when our group filed a class suit against the officers and management of GMA Network, Inc. for violating our labor rights. Until now, the case is awaiting resolution from the National Labor Relations Commission or NLRC.

TAG is comprised of 125 employees who are working and previously worked for several programs of GMA News and Public Affairs. We are the group behind the successful social media and web campaign called “Buhay Media”, which exposes and informs the public about our experience as broadcast practitioners. Just last December of 2014, fifty two (52) of our members were constructively dismissed from their programs by GMA Network. Most of them were considered ‘service providers’ or independent contractors; even if they were working for the company for more than a year. Aside from the lack of benefits, some of our members’ contracts were not renewed pending the class suit filed against the company. As a result, they were left jobless at the beginning of the year. Some of them are breadwinners, earning enough income for their families.

Should you have further questions or clarifications please feel free to contact us directly thru the contact persons below:

Elaine Magboo: 09159853580; 09195821816
Mike Del Rosario: 09152220023
Veronica Guingon: 09369537178

TAG-Talents Association of GMA_1st Anniversary


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