[News] Gabriela sends message of support for TAG on its first year

Sent by Gabriela Women’s Party 

Gabriela Women's Party Logo

Message of Solidarity for Talents Association of GMA (TAG)

May 2, 2015

History teaches us that the rights of workers for dignified labor – with living wage and security of tenure – will never be handed over by the capitalist on a silver platter, unless the workers fight for these rights.

Unfortunately, dignity of labor is becoming the exception rather than the rule. Widespread contractual labor is now the norm under the Aquino administration which further defends neoliberal policies that favor the interests of big business.

You, courageous members of the Talents Association of GMA (TAG) depict the plight of workers in the Philippines, whose rights are continuously trampled upon by a pro-business and anti-worker administration. In the same breath, you are also a prime example of workers standing up for your rights.

In commemoration of your one (1) year struggle, Gabriela Women’s Party salutes you, stands by you, and joins you. Never lose hope. Find strength in your solidarity. Keep in mind these famous words by Karl Marx, “Workers of the world, unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains.”

Emmi A. De Jesus

Partylist Representative

Gabriela Women’s Party



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