[News] TAG condemns GMA’s continuous harassment as salaries still withheld

TAG condemns GMA’s continuous harassment as salaries still withheld

The Talents Association of GMA (TAG) protests the continued harassment of GMA Network, Inc. against our members through policy changes that are discriminatory in nature.

GMA continues to withhold the salaries of some TAG members after both parties failed to arrive at an agreement during the second mediation held on June 1 at the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) office in Quezon City.

The issue rooted from a policy change that reverted salaries of TAG members to checks, and will only be released upon the issuance of an Acknowledgment Receipt (AR).

TAG maintains that the issuance of such receipts will have adverse effects on our regularization case filed before the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC).

TAG also believes that as regular employees, we should not be issuing receipts for our hard-earned salaries.

On May 26, representatives from TAG filed a complaint through the DOLE Single-Entry Approach (SENA). The first mediation was held last May 29, where GMA Network’s legal counsel Atty. Regino Moreno explained that the receipts are necessary to claim tax credits from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

According to Atty. Moreno, the failure of TAG members to comply with BIR requirements on tax payments is hurting the network’s finances. TAG members do not comply with such requirements because we stand firm that we are regular employees, and thus, should not be subjected to such policy.

However, further into mediation, Atty. Moreno admitted that acknowledgment receipts are inadmissible to the BIR, strengthening our belief that issuance of such will be detrimental to our labor case and is pure harassment.

No to h(AR)assment

We stand firm in our fight against unfair labor practices and contractualization.

We call on the NLRC, DOLE, Commission on Human Rights, and other government agencies to put an end to the exploitation of media workers.

We call on our fellow media practitioners to stand for their rights.

We call on the academe to join our cause in fighting the injustices in the media industry.

Lastly, we call on the public to condemn these acts of oppression and harassment perpetrated by GMA Network, Inc. against its workers.

We will continue to fight for better labor treatment – for workers of GMA, media practitioners in general, and everyone else who have been victimized by this decades-long oppression of the labor force.


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8 thoughts on “[News] TAG condemns GMA’s continuous harassment as salaries still withheld

    1. Hi Wew, that is because the broadcast media companies have the same vested interests as GMA Network. Contractualization is an industry practice that needs to be changed in the media.


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