[News] Salary woes affect GMA Network employees

Salary woes affect GMA Network employees

GMA Chairman wins Global Media Icon of the Year award

This month, GMA Network Chairman and CEO Atty. Felipe Gozon won the Global Media Icon of the Year Award under the category “Master Class” from the Global Branding Awards. He was also awarded a Fellowship at the Global Brands Council, the highest form of membership. Atty. Gozon said the award “pays tribute to all our efforts in establishing GMA Network as a leading brand.” We in the Talents Association of GMA Network (TAG) believe in the quality of GMA’s content that makes it a leading brand; we are part of the efforts that make it so. As you represent the Philippines as a Global Media Icon, we call you, Atty. Gozon, to address the recent issues in the salaries of workers, including the regular employees, because it is also part of the Network’s brand how it is treating its people:

1. Overtime pay of regular cameramen and reporters since the start of 2015 were delayed by as much as four months. After the bulk release last March-April, the pay covering April-May have also not yet been released for some.

2. GMA’s Finance Department issued documents to regular reporters and cameramen to show them the miscomputation of the overtime pay they have already received for 2015. They now have to pay for the amount that they allegedly received in excess. The amount ranges from P15,000 to P65,000 that will be cut from their succeeding pays. These conflicts in overtime pays have forced regular employees to file for loan at the GMA Employees’ Multi-Purpose Cooperative, burying them in deeper debt.

3. Just yesterday, June 15, salaries of workers under the Project Employment Contract (PEC) were deposited late. Some were deposited at 7pm, some just this morning, resulting in inconvenience especially for workers who were on a deadline to pay bills and other expenses.

4. PEC workers who wish to file for loan at the Cooperative cannot do so because the PEC did not credit their prior years of employment when they were still talents of the Network. Workers who have been with GMA for years now appear on paper as working for GMA for a couple of months, depending when they signed their project employment contracts.

5. Workers who have remained as talents, most of them members of TAG, now receive their salaries through checks, instead of ATM which is stipulated in the Talent Agreement. It is also a violation of status quo, which the court provides for when there is a pending case. (READ: [News] TAG condemns GMA’s continuous harassment as salaries still withheld)

The workers who suffer from this labor plight are the same people who make GMA Network a leading brand in broadcasting. We appeal to you Atty. Gozon, to address these issues for the common good of our Network.


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One thought on “[News] Salary woes affect GMA Network employees

  1. Gozon and Duavit are surrounded by old time dishonest employees. Facts are kept from them. Workers labeled as ‘Talents’ work harder and better than the old time employees but facts are twisted around to the point that exceptionally talented workers are forced to leave because of old time employees who refuse change their corrupt and dishonest ways. This is very prevalent in the engineering department.


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