[News] Statement of PUP’s LABAN COC Party regarding the termination of 11 TAG members

Reposted from the Facebook page of LABAN COC Party. 

The Talents Association of GMA Network (TAG) would like to express its gratitude to PUP’s LABAN COC Party for its support to the plight of talents in the media industry.

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The Laban COC Party strongly condemns the termination of the 11 members of Talents Association of GMA Network, Inc. (TAG) including our former standard bearer and the PUP-COC Student Council President A.Y. 2012-2013, Ms. Dawn Jeffanie Vie Po Quimque.

The fired members worked for Imbestigador and Reporter’s Notebook. We believe that these are news and public affairs programs committed as eye openers to expose social, political and economic issues of public interest.

The case of TAG was given prior verdict by the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) and they won the regularization case vis-à-vis the broadcast giant. But despite the decision, GMA Network Inc. still terminated the said members.

(READ: GMA talents declared as regular employees by labor arbiter)

Also, it has come to our knowledge that majority of TAG members are alumni of the PUP-College of Communication.

Laban COC Party will stand firm to fight alongside with our brothers and sisters in the media industry against the unjust ‘talent system’ and unfair treatment of many media workers. We support TAG in its call to end the contractualization and exploitation in the industry.

Laban COC supports its call for the network to provide an official statement or memorandum released to clarify their policies imposed to their employees.

Further, we strongly encourage everyone, especially the studentry to join our stand for the rights of the media workers – for this not only their fight. Our hopes and dreams as aspiring media practitioners will go out of kilter if we let contractualization and exploitation reign in the media industry. Our future is in their hands.

For the media workers, we take a stand.


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