[Facebook Post] Journalist asks Duterte to expose fake journos, corporate media interests

Reposted with permission from a Facebook post of Mr. Melvin Gascon, reporter for Philippine Daily Inquirer. He used to receive death threats for exposing illegal mining in Cagayan province. And now, he continues to “speak truth to power”. 

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Woke up to all the news and comments about Mr. Duterte’s press conference last night. It seems like he’s having a field day telling off the journalists whom he cannot control and intimidate.

Mr. Duterte, sir, in deference to the 16 million who voted for you, I will respect your views.

I am sorry but I cannot take your challenge to boycott you. That is like telling the doctor not to take care of the sick, or the lawyer not to defend the poor and the oppressed. That is like telling the taxi driver to refuse to bring to the hospital a sickly passenger.

I support you in your desire to rid the media industry of scalawags. We have been yearning for this cleansing in our ranks for the longest time. But don’t single out the small fry, sir.

In the same vein, please shake off the corporate media interests, too. Chastise those who have been exploiting lowly media workers with meager pay and oppressive working conditions.

And Mr. President Duterte, just one more thing. I now humbly ask you to unmask the “propagandists masquerading as journalists”, including those in your payroll. You can make it a national policy, as well. Tell your officials to list down and publish the names of journalists who are propagandists and, in your own words, vultures.

Please po.


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2 thoughts on “[Facebook Post] Journalist asks Duterte to expose fake journos, corporate media interests

    1. Yes sir, it is our job. But in case you are not familiar with journalism, this is how we do it: we expose anomalies with the help of credible sources. And now that President Duterte claims to know these “propagandists masquerading as journalists”, he is then the best source to start with. We are doing our jobs, sir. And now we’re doing it, hopefully with the help of our President. We hope you don’t think of all journalists as money-thirsty people, because otherwise you wouldn’t have known about all the anomalies that were exposed by us in the past (pork barrel scam, Erap Estrada’s unexplainable wealth, Gloria Arroyo’s deals with China are some examples).


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